'Sinds een aantal jaren heb ik privé les van Kenia. Bij haar leer je meer dan Portugees begrijpen, spreken en schrijven. Afhankelijk van je interesses en waar je de taal voor nodig hebt, leer je over Brazilië - het hedendaagse maar ook de geschiedenis- over muziek, literatuur. Kenia gebruikt het boek als leidraad, maar maakt de lessen heel persoonlijk en gebruikt daarvoor ondersteunende filmpjes, song teksten. 

Ik vind het fantastisch als ik nu in Brazilië ben, ik kan praten met iedereen, echt contact kan maken, dat ik begrijp waar de muziek over gaat, films kan kijken.

Naast dat Kenia een hele goede lerares is die met veel passie en humor haar vak uitoefent, is ze een hele goede vriendin geworden.'

- Carolijn Lentz

'Kenia was my Brazilian Portuguese teacher for over 2 years. Thanks to her teachings I rapidly advanced to a verbally fluent level.'

- Reinout de Schepper

'I took classes for almost two years with Kenia and really enjoyed it! She evaluated my (and the other students) level and interest, and tailored the course accordingly. Her classes were highly interactive, pedagogical, and fun! We learned not only about the portuguese language but also about Brazilian culture. I definitely noted improvements in my writing and speaking. I highly recommend studying portuguese with Kenia!

- Cécile Gallet

'Kenia Mello is one of the best language teachers I've had. Her passion for teaching is contagious, and learning becomes a wonderful and fun experience. Her methodology is always very engaging, various and well thought out, there is never a dull moment in her class! With her lessons I didn't have the impression of just learning a new language, as much as discovering a new culture, food, music and all the small quirks that are part of the DNA of Brazil and its people.'

 - Federica Marra

'Kenia is a wonderful, kind and fun portuguese teacher. She knows how to adapt the portuguese lessons to your level and challenge you while making it fun and natural. Kenia is very patient and thorough when explaining. My lessons were fully in portuguese and because of this my level of portuguese improved tremendously! I learned to speak, understand, write and read better. Because I'm a singer we even worked on some portuguese lyrics & poetry! I would recommend Kenia's portuguese lessons to anyone who wants to learn portuguese in a fun, efficient and thorough way!' 

- Joanne Smolders


'I absolutely loved the lessons with Kenia! Kenia creates a great atmosphere and is personally so involved that it's impossible not to become friends. It was a great way to have an intensive class even after a long day of work, starting with some tea and cookies and a chat between friends. 

The starting point for the lessons is a language book, this provides a good structure and is helpful because you get to study and research the material at home. Every class you practice different skills, you will speak, listen, write and read. Depending on your learning objectives (a relocation, a holiday, being able to speak with your in-laws) Kenia will help you practice the skills you need. Giving you the ins and outs of Brazilian Portugese and some slang, because let's face it, every language book contains language that is grammatically correct but horribly formal or outdated. 

Can't recommend enough!'

-  Djoeke Schuller